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Meet John

John Twist - World Professional Snooker Referee and World Professional Snooker Coach
John Twist - World Snooker Professional Referee
John has been refereeing for over ten years and has reached World Professional standard.
He has refereed all the top professional players in all competitions and can share the experience and knowledge of refereeing  at the very highest quality with you and your groups.

Come and spend an afternoon or evening with English and World Professional Snooker Referee and World Professional Coach John Twist Learn how to play, the rules of the game and enjoy many games and activities with trophies and awards

Contact John on 07828 647848

What To Expect
  • Team Building
  • General Coaching
  • Games & Activities
  • Private Tuition
  • Wine & Buffet

Snooker Activities

Each session will include activities such as:

Speed Snooker
Relay Snooker
60 Second Challenge
10 Reds
15 Minute Challenge
Spider Challenge

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